Monday, March 21, 2011

days like these

I am a cold-thusiast at heart. Sub-zero wind chill? Bring it on. Rain, snow, sleet? No problem - I'll just wear more gear. I run faster and longer when it's cold. But I'm not gonna lie - today was 58, sunny and no wind when I ran. Pretty sure I looked a little nutty as I ran the first 2 over the country roads with a grin on my face. Sometimes enjoying God's creation is the best part of my day. 

And yes, I took an ice bath and no it wasn't too bad. Less ice today may have helped! And there were no tears today. HA

Has Spring sprung where you are?

What is your favorite running temp?

What will keep you indoors?


  1. God bless you for loving the cold--I hate it! I love running at this time of the get up close and personal with all the little signs of spring that you might miss from a car.

  2. The snow has been melting the last several days here in MN, although we're due for more later this week. At least it's warmer and I can see grass!

  3. There is something so powerful about spring runs like these.

  4. I've been running outside all winter long. Sub zero temps and blizzards! The only thing I won't do is ice, it's just too dangerous. We just got a new coat of 4 inches of the white stuff last night~