Saturday, April 9, 2011

15 miles of suckiness & carbs

Yesterday was my first 15 mile run and it was rough. The run began well with nice temperatures and a good attitude. I was daydreaming about "qualifying" someday and had a good rhythm.

And then. I. bonked. I just ran out of gas at mile 8. I didn't have any water or gatorade with me so I stopped in Kwik Shop where they took pity on me and gave me some water. I drank that with my gu and took a few minute break before heading out to finish. It was ok the next few miles but the last 3 took everything I had. I didn't cut the run short because I knew that I would be even more disappointed in myself but I did take a couple short walk breaks.

I am going to take a couple days off and just chalk that up to inadequate fuel. I did go and pick up a fuel belt so next week I won't be stuck without hydration.

I met my hubby for lunch after and have mercy was I depleted. The sweet waitress was taking her time about taking our order so I finally asked if we could have some bread. Please. I said I just ran 15 miles and I really need some carbs. And then a few tears leaked out. Seriously. It was so embarrassing.

This was the first time we'd eaten at this restaurant and they make their own pasta every day. It was simply delicious and I enjoyed every bit.

How do you overcome tough runs?

How do you hydrate and fuel before/during/after long runs?


  1. Way to go on your long run. For me it is hard I did 12 on Thurs. and the last 2 my quads were killing me and give up. Even if you have to walk some at least you can say you did 15 miles today. That in it self is worth ever tired bone in my body. Because it is not easy to go that far. On my long runs I do a out and back that way I could drive before my run and deposit water bottle every so many mile. I just got a hydration belt and I absolute love it . Worth every penny. You Keep On Trucking Girl. You are doing awesome.

  2. In the moment I just try to talk myself in to finishing what I got myself into and after NOT letting that run define me!!

  3. I agree with HLove at the moment you just have to talk yourself through it, and I usually find once I have time to calm back down and think about what I just did and how AWESOME that was that I even attempted that many miles!!

    The fuel belt is a lifesaver!

  4. I can't believe you ran this far after your race last weekend! Great job getting through. I try to eat a lot of carbs the whole day before and include more carbs from bread/pasta/rice than fruit and veggies than a typical day. I run later in the afternoon usually to run long, so I have a big carby breakfast, protein bar snack, and some sort of sandwhich, and maybe some fruit before running (all spaced out, not at the same time). I am big on recovery beverages and have one in the car waiting for post workout.

  5. Every new distance is such a mental hurdle to get over. You did it! Way to go!
    It takes a long time to figure out what works and what doesn't. I'm running on the "if it ain't broken, don't try to fix it" approach.
    I love compression socks after long runs; they are great for recovery (well, I think they are; they certainly aren't hurting).

  6. Thank you everyone for the encouragement! I am planning on a not sucky 16 mile run this week and will give my new fuel belt a whirl. Maybe some new tunes too would help?