Thursday, May 19, 2011

Marathon Training - the glamour and firsts

It's 4 weeks from my first 26.2. I feel ready and well trained.

Every week there is a first - the first 16 - first 18 and the first 20 miler last week. Every week I am amazed by the fact that I can actually finish.

Finding time for the long run is proving  a bit more challenging with the times getting close to the 3 hour mark. Thank God last week I ran early because I had a momentous first:

I had to pee. Twice. On the trail.

I've discovered that Gu with caffeine has quite a different effect on my insides than decaffeinated. Really happy to have learned this lesson on a training run and not race day!

As you all probably know already training is not all glamorous. Sometimes you find yourself on the couch Sunday afternoon looking like you stole your outfit from an Oompa Loompa with frozen veggies on your knees that won't bend past 45 degrees. And it's ok.

Anyone else going for their first 26.2 this season? What have you encountered that surprised you?


  1. Glad your training has gone well and that you were smart enough to try that caffeinated GU before the big day. Good luck with the race!

  2. I'm going for my just over 3 weeks. My training has been crazy. Throw in an unexpected surgery, knee injuries & sickness and training is sure to get messed up. I just hope I can finish!!

  3. yup. can totally relate. I trained two years ago and I would get up super early on Saturday so I was done by 10 or so and could lounge and eat a nice big recovery meal, take a nap and then still have a big chunk of the day to get stuff done!

  4. I trained this past fall/winter for Disney. I found training in snow was decieving for running in Flordia. But thankfully it started in the 40s so it wasnt too bad of a temp jump.

  5. I had to laugh at your pic cuz that was me on Monday and I only did FOUR miles!!! LOL :) YOu guys are all soooo motivating to keep runnin', keep going longer, keep going faster...slowly but surely right? Wishing you the BEST of luck on your first marathon!!!

  6. I love that photo! Good luck to you in your final weeks of training and tapering! You will rock that marathon!

  7. How very exciting to be doing your first marathon! I remember my first, and it was such an experience. From the long runs, to the black and missing toenails, to the finish line. Every moment and milestone was all worth it the minute I crossed that finish line.

    My favorite GU was the Vanilla-Orange. If you haven't tried it, pick it up next time you're in the running store. It's a subtle flavor, yet enough to make it enjoyable. Those GU's are hard to stomach sometimes when you're in the middle of a long run. Go for the subtle, decaf flavors (caffeine dehydrates you, and that's the last thing you need).

    I wish you the best! And am excited to see how you do. I bet you'll do GREAT!

  8. I just ran my first 26.2 last weekend! It was an awesome experience. I was surprised by so many things - mostly by how hard it really was, but also by the fact that I ACTUALLY did it! It was a tough training season for me, to say the least.

    I am beyond excited that you are on your journey to your first 26.2 SOON! THAT IS AMAZING! I know you can do it and I can't wait to read all about it. You will feel so accomplished when you cross that line - it is a feeling you will always cherish. I can't wait to welcome you to the Marathon club! WOOHOO!!!!!!

    P.S. - I love your cat. My husband is deathly allergic to them, but I have always wanted one - too cute! :)

  9. That "I'm ready to go" is exactly how I felt last weekend and had an awesome marathon on Sunday. The hard part is the training and you've done it. Get ready to have some fun.

  10. I tried some of the GU roctane in my marathon yesterday and had only tried it once before. It worked okay and I could feel the boost but my stomach did feel a little different. Glad we tried it at the end (mile 18) and not at the beginning.