Monday, December 13, 2010

Top 10 Reasons to LOVE My Treadmill

I am a die-hard outdoor runner but even I don't want to brave -8 degree temps so I was forced to hit the 'mill today. I spent my time on the hamster wheel- I mean treadmill- making a Top 10 list of what I love about treadmill running. Anything to pass the time, right?!

1. I get to run in my favorite shorts
2. No need for headphones-just blast the music
3. I can sing along if I want and not look like a psycho
4. no nature (insert your nature foe here- mine lately have been spider webs, errant branches & a disturbing blood stain on the bike path) to run into
5. No gloves, base layers, cold ankles between my socks & tights, no headband to squeeze said headphones into my brain
6. I get to be in my happy green guest/family/game room and just enjoy the bright color
7. pace control. when bored, just go faster, then slower then faster again whoopee!
8. my kitties can keep me company (granted while loafing on big fuzzy pillows)
9. short commute

And my #1 reason I love my treadmill is.....

10. I love my treadmill because I can run even in crappy weather

(Also, why do I run with my thumbs up? Who knows?!)


  1. I dance on my treadmill sometimes when a great song comes on. And I totally change the pace up and down to keep from getting bored.

    The one problem I have with treadmill running is that for longer runs I try to push the pace to much and then I die out to early. I need to learn to relax on those first few miles.

    My favorite thing about the treadmill is that it is perfect for interval workouts! Especially incline interval workouts :D

  2. Love the list. I agree, there is nothing like sunshine and wind in my hair. I wouldn't be where I am without my treadmill though. Way less laundry to do after an indoor run.

  3. What a positive list! I'm not a fan of the treadmill at all. However, on days like today's, I'd gladly hop on for a few miles.

  4. I wish "my" treadmill was in my house like yours..I would love it more...sadly he is at the gym and I go meet him 4 days a week when I cannot go run outside

  5. I love your list.. I used to only train on a treadmill in the winter..before we moved to the desert.. I loved my treadmill.

  6. Hey! Thanks for following on my blog...just curious, what is your tattoo of?

  7. Great list. I don't run well in temps below 20*... I am a wimp. We have been around 4* but with everything factor in, says it feels like -4.... ugh. I don't mind the treadmill, but I don't own one, so I have to go to the YMCA. People think I am crazy.

  8. My tattoo is a cross. I'd like another one!