Sunday, December 26, 2010

The White Christmas That Wasn't & an Epic Run

{See the white stuff on the rocks? It's actually snow! But alas, no white Christmas for us.}

After a long Christmas selling season I couldn't wait for Christmas to arrive. I had planned on running Christmas Eve and couldn't believe it when it started snowing just as I was heading out.

I'm sure most of us runners have experienced an epic run. The ones that speak to your soul as much as they work your body. They are few and that's what makes them so special. My last epic run was 2 years ago as I grieved for my friends who had just lost a child to cancer.

It was as if the Christmas Eve run was orchestrated just to be a balm to my soul. Snowflakes on my eyelashes, sleet soaking my clothes, squirrels running along side-even my iPod shuffle shuffled to the exact songs I needed to hear. I will not soon forget the gift of this Christmas Eve run.

{the country road i ran on-no more snow by the time i took the photo.}

When I tried to explain the feeling to my husband he said maybe I'm getting a little obsessed. Back to reality my friends. :)

{Gratuitous shot of my legs. I just really love my Christmas tights!}


  1. Those tights are awesome. Sounds like a great Christmas run to me.

  2. I love those tights!!!

    Your Christmas sounded like mine... A little snow, but nothing to make a white Christmas