Saturday, January 1, 2011

I think it's time for some new tights

I think I'm finally ready to retire these tights. I bought them in 1994 before I headed to Switzerland for cold weather running. While they are still warm and toasty and long enough since they are men's the high rise is about to kill me. In the photo they are not even pulled up all they way. In the back they almost come to my shoulder blades. Why did we ever think this ridiculously high rise was flattering?

However finding a replacement pair has been harder than I thought. Athleta had a few promising options but of course they sold out of my size in September I think. I have not purchased from lululemon before but I think I'm going to give these a whirl.

lululemon athletica - Run: Alpine Tight

So I'm wondering, what is your oldest piece of workout wear? Is it time to retire it or are you holding out?


  1. I just retired my winter running tights last year; they were 15 years old. I'm wearing Running Skirts sub-zeros now and love them, but I'm also looking at a LuluLemon tight too; not sure which ones yet. Happy shopping.

  2. I have a pair of winter "J Crew" (yes, J crew actually made a gym line at one point) pair of black tights with gray panels down the sides and zippers at the ankles! I love these tights. They are the one thing from college that I still have and wear to run in. They have been durable and I feel like they are slimming. I did get a pair of under armour tights, which are excellent, but it is too cold here to just have 1 pair of tights, so the j-crews are still in the rotation.

  3. I just got the sugio piston 200 tights....check it out.

  4. Cynthia I forgot about the running skirts tights! I will go check them out. Love their stuff!

    H Love-looking at the sugio's now!

  5. How about lucy? I love their pants!

  6. Can I still comment on this thread?

    I've got a pair of tights from when I was in high school--probably circa. 1986. To make it worse, they are a pair of womans' (I'm a guy) and knee-length with a huge hole in one of the knees. But I love them cause they help keep my hamstrings warm & I have no plans on trashing them yet.