Monday, January 24, 2011

Multi Sport Athlete?

This fall I was lucky enough to co-coach our little junior high volleyball team. (My daughter is the blonde standing next to me) We had 10 girls, including 6 6th graders so we were a young team. I so thoroughly enjoyed seeing them grow in the sport as well as rediscovering my love for volleyball. I played in highschool but my father passed away my senior year and that sort of diverted my attention from sports to REAL LIFE.

After volleyball season I suckered a few other white ball obsessed people into joining a coed team with me.  I've been using it as my cross-training. Our record is 5-1 so far and we are having a lot of fun.

Don't be jealous of our awesome team name and t-shirts. One of our guys wanted Suspiciously M0ist and that was very quickly vetoed by the ladies.

Now I just need to learn some new defensive moves. My knees have been taking a beating and I need to keep them safe for running!

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  1. Basketball is a sport that is surprisingly hard on the body. Your daughter is so lucky that you're able to share it with her.