Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Paging Dr. Google

*Warning - pity party ahead!*

Admit it - you know you do it too - spend hours googling your injuries or suspected injuries and playing sofa M.D. I have tried. Really tried. But yesterday I just couldn't keep a positive outlook. I spent hours researching my type of fracture and how long until I can return to running. I did not find one site that said I can start running now though. :(

As of yesterday I  can wear two shoes that happen to be the same but I still have 3-4 weeks until I can begin to run - walk. Part of me is scared to even start running again.

I've been biking and ellptical-ing and will add swimming back in after my tattoo heals. I'm considering trying deep water running a la Beth of SUAR too.

The truth is that I am just not me when I'm not running.

I want to read the current Runner's World so bad but each time I pick it up I get sad.

So my dear bloggie running friends, help me out of my pity party!

How much time do you spend with Dr. Google?

Do you make your kids help you with your blog posts?

Have you tried deep water running? Tips?


  1. I used to do deep water running in Xc in high school! We did it once a week as part of our training. It does really help and uses more muscles then you think!

  2. I spent an hour last night with Dr. Google...glad I am not the only one!! :( Hope your injuries heal soon!

  3. I am terrible about googling injuries and symptoms. If someone looked at the history on my google searches, they'd probably be disturbed.

  4. This will make you feel better--I've had stress reactions (not even fractures) in both feet since April. Haven't run a step since, still not healed, still not sure when I will run. So see--your situation could be worse! You're pretty darn close to getting back out there.

  5. Oh, I have done the same thing! Spent countless hours reading running forums trying to figure out what injury I have and how long it will be before I run. I had a stress fracture almost two years ago and I was very afraid to return to running. Not only that, but any pain I had after that, I was certain was a stress fracture!

    Hang in there!

  6. If it makes you feel better, I'm on a running hiatus due to an injury. It totally sucks! I try to cheer myself up by doing other things like yoga and attempting to keep my body strong regardless. I have a 5K Aug 6th and will be very sad if I have to walk it :( Us injured gals need to stick together, have one big pitty party with wine and chocolate :)

  7. I hear you about the injury and not running - I've been running with shin splints only to hear people yell at me not too (those are non runners yelling). I'm a better person when I run. I only discovered this 3 years ago, and can't stop!! I too, love my runners world and am currently having to forgo grocery shopping as they just put out the sept edition (which hasn't made it to my house yet) for fear that i'll buy it! So we just won't eat for a while - no biggie. I also love SUAR - especially her poop stories. Those are great!! And yes, I'm friends with our Dr Google as well - although, I'm often not fond of what he has to say (stupid dr). So hang in there, congratulations on your store - how freaking awesome is that??!! That'll keep you running for a while (ok, different kind of running). And no....I don't think my kids even know I blog (and they def could not edit/help with my blog). Even my own hub doesn't read my blog!!