Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Live Out Loud - Ink & Changes

A little over a year ago I took an inventory of myself and decided it was time to reclaim my life. For 12 years I had been doing everything "right". Trying to run a business, be a mom, a wife and friend.

And I was dead inside. I had been making jewelry for 6 years at that point and finally had hired help. With the additional help I was able to breathe again.

During my kids' VBS week I decided to start running again after a 2 year break. And I wanted to train the way I've always dreamed about. I joined Weight Watchers and learned how to eat a reasonable amount of food in a day and finally lose the baby weight from my 8 year old "baby". I stopped filling myself with food and began to nourish my soul - and find ME again.

Those first few weeks I was happy to complete 2.5 miles. I would feel so good after and as the weight dropped off I was able to go longer and after a few months faster.

And then my world fell apart. I'll spare you the gory details but I cracked; my walls crumbled and through it all I ran.

Through all those miles the layers began to peel away. I sweated out my fears and anxiety - many miles I wept through but new dreams began to form. And old dreams reappeared and became attainable.

Sporty Girl Jewelry was born after several years as only In February I had the opportunity to go to Africa to teach single moms a viable trade in jewelry making. Seeds were planted began to form new growth in my soul.

As I awoke from that 12 year hibernation I realized I no longer wanted to merely exist - but to live all out. So my year has been a little frenetic...

26.2? You bet. Go to Africa? Sure! A new tattoo? Why not?

And that brings me to the biggest news of all - Sporty Girl Jewelry and Hip Mom Jewelry have found a home together - in a real brick & mortar storefront. We officially opened for business yesterday. It is definitely a dream come true to have my own little piece of retail space. So if you are ever in Lawrence, KS, stop in and say howdy-do at Studio 163

What do you think of the new Live Out Loud & Free Charms? They will be added to the site in a couple days.

Has running or another sport helped you through hard times?

Has it helped you find courage for bold steps in life?


  1. Hooray! How exciting!! Good luck and if I am ever in the area, I'm stopping by! :)

  2. Congrats on your new looks! This is such an inspirational post. Like you, running (and fitness) has been a real support for me in my life; it's always there for me and propels me forward.

  3. Awesome! Congrats on the exciting new journey!

  4. Love the new charms! Running has absolutely helped me find courage to be bold and grow in my life. I love to hear how it inspires others too! Congrats on the new retail store. I am heading in that direction too. It is exciting and empowering process. Wish you much success!

  5. congrats!!! the store looks great! i LOVE the two new charms :)

  6. Congratulations! Check out my'll see I LOVE the necklace I bought for myself! I also bought one for my daughter....and I'm thinking of which one I want to buy my good friend!

  7. The store looks beautiful, as do the new charms. HUGE congrats on all you have accomplished!!!

  8. Congrats on the new store front! It's inspiring to read about a successful entrepreneur!

  9. Thank you to all for the encouraging comments!

  10. Congratulations! I'll be sure to stop in if I'm ever in KS!