Thursday, August 4, 2011

RRCA training this Weekend!

This weekend I am heading north to Minnesota to attend a RRCA certification course. This is exciting for a number of reasons:
*learning to coach others = awesome
*No family responsibilities for 3 days
*A hotel room
*2 days with other running nerds

And the best part is I am going to see my dad's sister and family, whom I have not seen since his funeral 19 years ago. All in all, should be a very fun weekend.

However - I have no idea what to expect the class to be like and I am PETRIFIED of test taking. Of course you have to take a test after the course but somehow this never crossed my mind and now I'm paranoid that I will fail. I will probably have a few of those going-to-class-n*ked-and-forgetting-to- study-for-the-final-until-the-day-of-the-test-dreams.

For those of you who have completed the training, are you glad you did it?

How hard is the test, really? :)

Any of you other bloggers attending this one?


  1. I am SOOOOOOO glad I did it, it's really enriched my life a lot!

    The first day can get kind of tedious as there is a lot of information thrown at you. The second day usually has some opportunity to break into small groups for practical exercises (writing training plans for varying distances, skills, etc.)

    The test isn't too bad, every bit of information you need will be presented AND given to you in text books.

    The biggest advice I can offer is to pay attention and don't vocally disagree with the instructors too much. There were a lot of loud mouth people in my class and that frustrated the teacher and slowed down the course progression. Even if there are things you may not agree with, just take note of them to pass the test then you can use your practical experience later!


  2. You'll love it. You learn SO much and will come back training yourself a whole new way, not to mention future clients. I think the hardest part is sitting all those hours! The test isn't bad at all--only a few questions will trip you up. Enjoy!

  3. Have fun and good luck! I'm taking the course in October. Let me know how it goes!!! :)

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